Why meet someone for Coffee or Tea?

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Why would you want to meet someone over coffee or tea? Well surprisingly many individuals tend to speak more about themselves in a public setting. When you want to meet someone, you hope to be relaxed and confident. Drinking coffee or tea actually heightens your senses while making you feel confident and calm enough to enjoy conversing.

The same thing occurs while eating but why spend more when you can spend less and get to know each other in a public safe scene?

With so many cafes available and near you, this gives you the perfect opportunity to find a potential candidate to meet and get to truly know them. Not have them dress to impress or take you to a fancy dinner, but to just meet and enjoy the art of conversation. Who knows what you two may actually get to know and the reactions from just enjoying each other’s thoughts.

We hope you enjoy our site and find that possible special someone that is waiting to find you over a great conversation over coffee or tea. ENJOY!!!


February 5, 2019